Layer2 Solutions is one of the leading providers of apps for Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, and Azure in Europe with a major focus on Data Integration, Document Synchronization, Knowledge Management, and Cloud Computing. You will find solutions for General Data Integration, Microsoft Office 365 / SharePoint Online Data Integration, File Migration, Backup, and Synchronization below. SharePoint Server 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 on-premises is also supported for External Data Integration and Knowledge Management.

The Layer2 Cloud Connector can integrate data and sync documents between 100+ corporate data sources without programming.


It is used to connect services and apps on-premises or cloud-based, such as Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Dynamics, Azure, SQL/ERP/CRM, and more for migration, backup, or permanent two-way synchronization.

The Layer2 Business Data List Connector for SharePoint solves many issues that still exist with Microsoft SharePoint data integration.


It connects SharePoint on-premises lists to 100+ external data sources without any programming to keep the data in sync. All the great SharePoint features are supported for connected lists.

The Layer2 Knowledge Management Suite for SharePoint is a must-have to better manage taxonomies in the SharePoint Term Store,

to assign managed metadata to items and documents automatically via bulk-tagging or in real-time, and to improve SharePoint content discovery and search.


Let your data and documents in Sharepoint become knowledge.

Layer2 - Cloud Connector
PDF-Dokument [764.9 KB]
Layer2 - Cloud Connector File Server Sync with Office365
PDF-Dokument [694.7 KB]
Layer2 - Business Data List Connector
PDF-Dokument [687.5 KB]
Layer2 - Knowledge Management Suite For Sharepoint
PDF-Dokument [392.7 KB]

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